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Security, Protection, and Confidence for PICC Line Users

A new idea ...

… to an old, unsightly, inconvenient, and potentially life-threatening problem. LifeSleeve provides protection and security to millions of patients of all ages with PICC lines and midlines.


  • Protects and prevents PICC lines from tangling
  • Hides unsightly tubes, clips, or endcaps
  • Prevents emergency room visits to remove and replace dislodged or broken lines
  • Provides confidence and peace of mind
  • Is stretchable, breathable, and machine washable

Security, Protection, and Confidence for PICC Line Users

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (or PICC lines) and midline catheters are flexible tubes inserted into a vein — usually through the arm. These have a history of getting snagged and dislodged, creating potentially life-threatening situations for patients.

LifeSleeve holds a provisional patent on this covering. After extensive searching for similar products, we have found that nothing comes close to our sleeve. LifeSleeve protects the entire arm — from above the insertion site to the hand — feeding the extension PICC line tubing through a channel and hiding the excess tubing in a cuff at the wrist.

Bulk Order Pricing

TypeUnit PriceNo. of UnitsPackaging
Retail (B2C)$25.001 - 50Individual
Retail (B2B)$20.0051 - 500Packs of 10
Wholesale$15.00501 - 1,000Packs of 50
Bulk$10.001,001 +Packs of 250

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LifeSleeve is breathable, machine washable, and can be easily put on without assistance.

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